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0.0 that music video is too much for this vitaMIN

Min’s naver post really put me down today. He seems upset and angry, doesn’t he? The hackers and now people not liking his hair must really put him in a sour mood… I just wish he didn’t resolve this by dieting and going on a hiatus. Feel better, Min!!

Blog Update: 120317

(Gosh) well.. Sungjin and (my) mother said (it looks) handsome…

I tried it before I got too old.

Should I forget (about) going on the internet for a while..?ㅋ

If I lose a little…little….little bit more weight maybe it might (look) nicer..

I’m going to go on a storm diet…heh!

(You said you would) like everything! It was a lie’!!!
You lied!!’!

(I’m) uploading one (photo) and lying low!!!

* Some wording is changed around to make more sense in English.
* 투척 is literally throw, but he’s most likely referring to putting the picture online (throwing it online).

cr: ittiban @ naver

aww, it’s my two favorite little Mins together!! <3

anyone else really like Min’s sweater look recently?

…it makes him look 10 times more cuddly than he normally is!!

Super Junior Challenge: Day 2

Day Two: Favorite OTP


Some people may love them. Some people may hate them. But no one can deny that there is something between these two. Whether it is just an everlasting friendship, a brotherhood, or a partnership; in any sense of the word ‘love' Kyumin is real. A love of a friend, a brother, or romantic love, no one can deny them that.

I really hate it when people say KyuMin isn’t close; it makes me wonder if most people who aren’t close stay roommates for so long or drink wine together at odd hours of the morning. Needless to say, I am not in Korea or in their dorm so I can’t be certain, but honestly, I never seen two people who aren’t close do this. I think anti-KyuMin just say that simply because on stage, they don’t have much fanservice. True, but that’s what makes them different than every other OTP. I love Eunhae, don’t get me wrong, but Eunhae and KyuMin are two different types of ‘couples’. To us KyuMin shippers, the off cam or subtle moments make our OTP who they are. Honestly, I would rather not see them hanging on each other while performing, even if my heart dies just a little bit when there isn’t much interactions between them, because it makes them seem more real. Love is a feeling you share with the other person, am I right?

Maybe I am ranting too much. If you love Kyumin as much as I do, you already know all of this. If you hate Kyumin, well my words probably mean nothing to you.

It’s okay. Not everyone is going to love your OTP. But please, don’t bash others.


Kyumin, the ninja off cam, wine couple! <3

That is all.

oh, and pictures/gifs aren’t mine. Credits to the wonderful maker/owner!

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